• Dymstec Appoints General President Song Sung-jong As New Representative


  • Dymstec announced on the 3rd that it will appoint current general president Song Sung-jong as CEO and take on new changes and challenges.
    Dymstec is a company specializing in developing and manufacturing radio wave blocking equipment based on frequency (RF) engineering technology.

    Song Sung-jong, the new CEO, has been leading various in-house tasks and domestic and international businesses for 10 years, gaining experience in overall management.

    CEO Song suggested "Quality First, Technology Leading" as a new slogan. "We will take the lead in further specifying the company's future strategy and continuing to innovate in improving the working environment and welfare of employees," he said.

    CEO Song said, "The internal and external situation is changing more rapidly than ever, and the uncertain business environment continues, and the demands of customers are diversifying," adding, "We will have a more efficient and productive system to respond quickly and flexibly to environmental changes and various demands of customers."