• Display of various radio wave blocking equipment such as drone hunters and EOD


  • At a time when concerns about terrorism and attacks using drones become a reality and defense against them is essential, "Damstek," a development and production company specializing in radio wave blocking, will showcase "drone hunter product line" and "radio wave blocking equipment for EOD" at this exhibition.


    The drone hunter XR is manufactured in the form of a rifle with an integrated battery, body, and antenna, and is being used by the military, police, the National Assembly, and security agencies as a solution to control illegal drone terrorism. It has implemented miniaturization and weight reduction by applying its own white noise signal generation technology, and if the battery is integrated, the operating time will increase to less than 5kg, and it is a product that allows private contracts through the recent certification of innovative products.


    Recently, an explosive terror incident using remote signals occurred, and the "EOD radio wave blocking equipment" was developed to prevent the reception of explosives signals during the removal of explosives to ensure the safety of workers.