• Dymstec Dapago Proceeds, Expecting Overseas Export Vitality


  • Dymstec (CEO Song Young-bae) announced on the 18th that it has conducted export consultations for DAPA-GO, a defense export one-stop support service of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration. DAPA-GO is an active administration centered on the field, and the head of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration visits companies every week to share his or her difficulties.

    Through this "Dapago" meeting, Dymstec suggested to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration the export difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and support for developing overseas markets. An official from Damstek said, "We hope that this Dapago will serve as an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to expand overseas markets and encourage overseas sales activities that have been contracted due to COVID-19 to gain momentum again."


    Dymstec is a company that has been recognized for its technological prowess and quality in various fields such as ICT solutions, EMP protection, EMC test and certification chambers, and anti-drone based on 25 years of skilled electromagnetic wave-based technology. The company is pursuing marketing activities to enter overseas markets by commercializing "Uranos," an anti-drone integrated system that detects, identifies, and disables small drones (RCS 0.01㎡).