Advanced RF Jamming Solutions
Advanced RF Jamming Solutions


Drone Hunter FP6 is a powerful countermeasure against drone threats. Designed to cover ISM bands and GNSS L1 & L2, it effectively neutralizes a single drone or multiple drones approaching in a direction from a distance of 500m to 1km and operating within its antenna beam width.

Its antenna beam width can be expanded to 360° if a total of 4 antennas are installed. It is equipped with high-power amplifiers, signal generators and panel antennas to enable powerful multi-band continuous jamming. This field-proven solution operates with a positioner that receives data from a seamlessly integrated detection/identification system by OURANOSTM C2 or third-party systems. In addition, it can be used as a stationary/mobile solution.


  • Frequency Ranges : ISM 2.4 & 5.8GHz, GNSS L1 & L2, *ISM 433 & 915MHz (Optional)
  • Antenna Beam Width: Azimuth : 90°, Elevation: 45°
  • The azimuth can be expanded to 360° by installing 4 antennas
  • Adjustable output power per band
  • Lightweight, efficient antennas
  • Optimum signal generators and amplifiers
  • Stationary/mobile operation


Parameter Value
Frequency Band 2.4GHz ISM : 2,400 ~ 2,500MHz
5.8GHz ISM : 5,725 ~ 5,850MHz
GNSS L1 : 1,550 ~ 1,610MHz
GNSS L2 : 1,208 ~ 1,254MHz

*Optional433MHz ISM : 420 ~ 450MHz
915MHz ISM : 920 ~ 928MHz

Jamming Range 500m ~ 1km (5:1 Ratio)
Antenna Beam Width Azimuth : 90°
Elevation : 45°(1Panel)
Jamming Signal Source Linear FM with Noise Modulation
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Antenna Type Multi-port directional panel antenna
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Output Power 185W
Power Supply 28 VDC (A power supply unit will be supplied.)
Ingress Protection IP65
Dimensions Main Equipment : 237 x 480 x 310.5 mm
Antenna : 366 x 606 x 205.2 mm
Weight Main Equipment : 30kg
Antenna : 10kg

All the data and appearance of the product are subject to change by RF environments and according to customer requirements.


  • Directional radiation in a certain direction to focus on certain target drones
  • Optimized multi-band radiation to improve jamming effectiveness

Application Areas

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Border Protection

Military Base Protection

VIP Protection

Drone Hunter FP6 Brochure