Drone Hunter FD
Drone Hunter FD


Drone Hunter FD is a powerful countermeasure against drone threats. Designed to cover ISM bands and GNSS L1, L2, L5 it effectively neutralizes a single drone or multiple drones approaching in a direction from a distance of 5km and operating within its antenna beam width. It is equipped with high-power amplifiers and signal generators to enable powerful multi-band continuous jamming.

This field-proven solution operates with a positioner that receives data from a seamlessly integrated detection/identification system by OURANOSTM C2 or third-party systems. In addition, it can be used as a stationary/mobile solution.


  • Frequency Ranges : ISM 433 & 900MHz, ISM 2.4 & 5.8GHz, GNSS L1, L2, L5
  • Jamming Range : FD5 : 5km, FD8 : 8km
  • Lightweight, efficient antennas
  • Adjustable output power per band
  • Optimum signal generators and amplifiers
  • Stationary/mobile operation
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • IP67


  • A directional radiation pattern, which enables the concentration of radiation power in a specific direction
  • Electrical performance improvement through optimization of multi-band radiation characteristics
  • Possession of integrated component development technology and implementation of miniaturization
  • Individual implementation of radiation components by frequency band (easy modification of electrical performance by frequency band, convenient response to customer requirements, excellent maintainability, and individual component interchangeability)


Frequency Frequency Range Azimuth Elevation
2.4GHz ISM 2,400 ~ 2,485MHz 40° 40°
5.8 GHz ISM 5,725 ~ 5,875MHz 20° 20°
GNSS L1 1,550 ~ 1,610MHz 80° 60°
Frequency Frequency Range Azimuth Elevation
433MHz ISM 420 ~ 470MHz 120° 80°
915MHz ISM 860 ~ 930MHz 70° 70°
2.4GHz ISM 2,400 ~ 2,485MHz 40° 40°
5.8GHz ISM 5,725 ~ 5,875MHz 20° 20°
GNSS L1 1,550 ~ 1,610MHz 80° 60°
GNSS L2, L5 1,164 ~ 1,300MHz 80° 60°


Parameter Value
Jamming Range FD5 : 5km
FD8 : 8km
Jamming Signal Source Linear FM with Noise Modulation
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Operating Temperature -32°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -33°C ~ +65°C
Power Supply 28 VDC (A power supply unit will be supplied.)
Ingress Protection IP67
Dimensions 614 x 480.1 x 350.5 mm
Weight FD5 : 27.0kg
FD8 : 32.0kg

All the data and appearance of the product are subject to change by RF environments and according to customer requirements.

Application Areas

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Border Protection

Military Base Protection

VIP Protection

Drone Hunter FD Brochure