Drone Hunter


Drones are used for various purposes and the demand of drone is rapidly increasing. At present, drones are being used by terrorists or criminals for bad purposes such as dropping small explosives, reconnaissance and
smuggling illegal goods. Anti-drone jammers are the most convenient and efficient method to protect such crimes and terrors in advance.
Dymstec has launched its latest jamming solution designed to neutralize unauthorised drones that has entered a secured fields, campuses, and sports events.


  • Selectively transmits signals which interfere with the reception of drones’ control signals and GPS/GNSS signals
  • Uses DDS to maximize the jamming performance


Type Description
Jamming SignalsGPS / GNSS / 2.4GHz ISM / 5.8GHz ISM
Jamming Distance Up to 500m (ISM)
Up to 1km (GPS/GNSS)
Antenna Directional Antenna, Gain: > 10dBi
Continuous Operation Time Up to 1 hour
Dimension 1,140 x 190mm
Weight 3kg (transmitter) / 20kg (backpack)