EMP Protection Construction

Optimal EMP Protection Facilities

We offer technologically advanced Electromagnetic Pulse(EMP) protection by combining engineering expertise along with certified products/components and turnkey solution. DYMSTEC delivers the foremost quality standard in EMP solutions, and is the leading authority in the survival and continuous operation of critical infrastructure systems in the event of an EMP attack. We are capable of supplying any kind of HEMP and NEMP type of security shielding systems. High performance EMP shielding solutions with the latest development of a new range of EMP shielding technology offer the best protection against EMP attack.


  • Performs EMP turnkey projects with technical consulting, design, manufacturing production, construction, SE performance test, post-management, and integration of test equipment


  • Manufactures shielding panels, doors, honeycomb, racks and cabinets
  • Fully meeting customer requirements and performance


  • Production infrastructure establishment of EMP shielding components, shielded doors, and shielded cabinets, etc.
  • Expertized production technology
  • Quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2018


  • Professional teams and inspection facility for shielding effectiveness test
  • Support evaluation of shielding effectiveness
Test Type Equipment Company (Freq.) Model No. (Freq.)
General Signal Generator Keysight N5173B
Spectrum Analyzer Keysight N9010A / N9020A
Spectrum Analyzer R&S ZVBB
SE PreAmp Sonomia Instrument 310N
Agilent 8449B
PowerAmp AR 100A250B (10kHz ~ 250 MHz)
EXODUS (27MHz ~ 1GHz)
EXODUS (0.7GHz ~ 4GHz)
EXODUS (2.5GHz ~ 8GHz)
EXODUS (4GHz ~ 18Ghz)
Antenna Schwarzbeck HFRA 5149
Schwarzbeck VAMP 9243
Schwarzbeck VHBC 9133 (+9106)
Schwarzbeck VHLP 9108
Schwarzbeck BBHA 9120D