EMP protected mobile shelter

Advanced communication equipment & data server EMP protection solution integrate with the vehicle system

Dymstec EMP protected shelter (trailor) designed to protect military tactical vehicles and mobile communication centers. Dymstec EMP shelter offer advanced protection of communication, electronic equipment, etc. against the potentially damaging effects from high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) threats.



  • Guaranteed long-term performance even in extremely harsh environments.
  • System can easily move and install according to user’s desired environment.
  • Enhancement of EMP shielding performance by interlocking door design system.

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Vehicle Dimension 11,790mm x 2,490mn x 3,950mm
Vehicle Weight 14t long shaft
Vehicle Transmission 12 speed automated transmission
Vehicle load capacity Maximum 14,000kg
Shielding Applicable standards MIL-STD-188-125 [10kHz ~ 1GHz(100dB)] / IEEE-STD-299 [1GHz ~ 18GHz(100dB)]
Shielding Structure Interlocking door system
Power generator 30KW level diesel generator
UPS and storage battery 20KVA level ups and AGM80-12 level parallel construction batteries
Air conditioner 66sqm size customized chiller

All the data and product appearance are subject to change based on customer requirements.