Ouranos 3D Radar

Radar System for Detection and Tracking of Ground Surface and Air Target

Ouranos radar system measures the coordinates and velocity of the target, and it’s developed for the automatic detection of drones as well as ground surface targets.

The Ouranos 3D radar can detect very small drones with radar cross-section lesser than 0.01m2, and achieves a very high probability rate of detection when combined with an RF scanner.


  • 3D radars with azimuth coverage of 360º and elevation coverage 60º

  • Multi-beam receiving antenna

  • Automatic target tracking: tracks hundreds of targets simultaneously

  • Low false alarm rate

  • Control and data transmission using Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • Target data acquisition for a PTZ video camera and an electronic countermeasure device


  • Provides full coverage, 24 hours 7days a week as well as in harsh environments including dust, rain, snow and fog

  • User-friendly operation makes it easy to deploy

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install – one man transportable

  • Quick to set up in a fixed location or on a vehicle as well as a tripod

  • Easy integration into a third-party software systems

  • Low power consumption

  • High reliability

Feature Under Development

  • Feature to distinguish between drones and birds by using AI and deep learning technologies

  • Upgrades will be available after 2Q 2020


Type Description
Frequency Band X-Band
Detection RangeVehicle or Large UAV (RCS 6.0m²)15km
Single person (RCS 0.5m²)8km
Small drone (RCS 0.01m²)3km
Detection Method 3D
Azimuth Coverage 360°
Elevation Coverage 60°
Detection Probability 80%
Minimum Detection Velocity 2 m/s
Detection Update Time 1.2 ~ 2.4 sec
Number of Tracking Target 100 +
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Cooling Type Natural
Ingress Protection IP66
Network Interface UDP / PoE included
Input Power 220V 60Hz
Ouranos installed on a tripod
Drone tracking display
Radar display on the map

Detection Range