Drone Hunter XR
Drone Hunter XR
Hand-held Anti Drone Jammer Gun


Drone Hunter XR is a rifle-type drone jamming gun with user friendly design for agile countermeasure against drone threats on s ite. Drone Hunter XR provides a safe countermeasure solution against a wide range of drone threats with its highly efficient product design for lightweight, easy-to-use operation, and capable of mitigating control signal of commercial drones as well as video transmission signal without damaging to drone model or surrounding environment. Drone Hunter XR ensures the best performance from various application areas such as checkpoints, borders, military/police operations where users are supposed to move and patrol.


  • Mitigate a wide range of drones : 2.4 & 5.8 GHz, GNSS L1 & L2, *433 & 915 MHz (Optional)
  • Jamming range : 1 km
  • Selectable frequency bands : ISM/GNSS or All band jamming can be selectable
  • User-friendly design : Quick battery reload, power ON/OFF & operation by pressing a button, light weight (6 kg)
  • Short user training time : User training takes only 5 minutes with its user-friendly design and operation
  • Audio & Visual : Warning alarm and LED indicators when ‘low battery’ or ‘system error’ occur

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Jamming FrequencyGNSS L11,559 MHz ~ 1,610 MHz
GNSS L21,215 MHz ~ 1,300 MHz
2.4GHz ISM2,400 ~ 2,483.5MHz
5.8 GHz ISM5,725 MHz ~ 5,850 MHz
433 MHz ISM (Optional)433.05 MHz ~ 434.79 MHz
915 MHz ISM (Optional)902 MHz ~ 928 MHz
Jamming RangeISMMore than 1 km
GNSS L1 & L2More than 1 km
Operation Time 60 minutes
*8 hours standby time with 20% battery consumption when power ON
Battery Specifications Voltage: +28 VDC
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Quick release and reload
Battery charger included: AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 MHz
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
IP Rating IP 65
Weight Max. 6 kg (including one battery pack)
Dimensions Approx. 1,000 x 300 x 90 mm

Optional (The optional frequency bands specified below can be changed as per customers’ requirements.)

Application Areas

Critical infrastructure protection

Border protection

Military bases protection

VIP Protection

Drone Hunter XR Brochure