Drone Hunter XR

Hand-held Anti Drone Jammer Gun

Jamming is successful when the jamming signal power is enough to disrupt the control & GPS signals that the drone is using. This depends on many factors, such as the distance between the antennas, antenna polarization, and environmental conditions. Also, the distance ratio among the Controller, Drone, and Jammer plays a crucial factor in successful jamming. Drone Hunter XR is the most effective jamming device to neutralize drones of any kind at even harsher environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Jamming Signals400MHz ISM (Optional)433 ~ 435MHz
900MHz ISM (Optional)902 ~ 915MHz
2.4GHz ISM2,400 ~ 2,483.5MHz
5.8GHz ISM5,725 ~ 5,875MHz
GNSS L11,559MHz ~ 1,610MHz
GNSS L21,215MHz ~ 1,300MHz
Jamming RangeISMmore than 1km
GNSSmore than 2km
Power Supply 6.7 Ah Battery, Battery charger included (AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz)
Continuous Jamming Time 1 hours with battery, More than 3 hours with charger attached
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ +55°C
Ingress Protection IP65
Dimension (excluding handle) About 980mm x 89mm x 128mm (L x W x H)
Weight Less than 7 Kg including battery pack

All the data and product appearance are subject to change based on customer requirements and the radio environment.
(e.g. Jamming Frequency Band, Jamming Distance & Operating Conditions)


  • Designed for ground force personnel and security response teams in mobile units, strike teams, at checkpoints, forward outposts
  • Unlimited use when battery recharger attached to XR device (continuous jamming: more than 3 hours)
  • Normal operating time 2 hours (continuous jamming: more than 1 hours with a battery pack)
  • Quick release and reload battery replacement
  • Long range jamming distance
  • Good quality and durability are specially guaranteed (IP65)
  • Enhanced design for user convenience
  • User training is less than 3 minutes and easy to use


  • Appearance and Dimensional Inspection
  • Signal Generator BW Measurement Test
  • Max. Power Test
  • Continuous Spinning Test
  • Jamming Performance Test


Neutralize the control and GPS/GNSS signal
Disconnecting the communication between the controller and the drone

Jamming Performance Ratio