Anti Drone System

Integrated Anti-drone Solution Designed for Critical Defense and Security Applications

Dymstec offers an integrated Anti-drone solution designed for critical defense and security applications. It comprises radar, RF scanner, EO/IR camera, jammer, and a command center and can detect, identify and neutralize a single drone or a swarm of a drone.

Ouranos 3D radar and RF Scanner combination achieve a very high probability of detection, and it displays the drone on a digital map. The radar is capable of detecting drones with a cross-section lesser than 0.01m2.

A high-performance EO/IR camera can identify potential threats regardless of the day /night, and the system enables the jammer as a countermeasure.

The Command Centre interface of the system can set up direction, where the threats can be detected, and it can trigger an alarm as well as activate the jammer to the direction of latitude, longitude, and altitude at which the drone gets detected.




  • Detect, locate, identify, and neutralize drones up to 3km(RCS 0.01m²).

  • Locate the direction and position of multiple drones and controllers using 3D radar and RF Scanner.

  • Jam all types of GNSS and drone command and control links employed by it.

  • Capable of neutralizing drones approaching in a certain and various direction by using directional or omnidirectional jammers, respectively.