• Exported Vehicle Jammer System to Malaysia
  • Installed EMP Shielded Racks for Korea Securities Depository
  • Established EMP Protection Facilities for Customers
  • Exported Vehicle Jammer System to Indonesia
  • Exported Satellite Phone Jammer to ASEAN
  • Battery-integrated Anti-drone Gun Designated as Innovation Product and Registered in the Procurement Service
  • Battery-integrated Anti-drone Gun Designated for Trial Use of the Military Superior Product
  • Exported Drone Hunter FD to ASEAN
  • Exported an IED Jammer to the Polish Police Agency
  • Acquired the MAINBIZ Certificate as a Managerial Innovation Enterprise
  • Acquired the INNOBIZ Certificate as a Technological Innovation Enterprise
  • Installed a 28 GHz band (5G mmWave) chamber to the National Radio Research Agency
  • Installed a RF Shielded Room for Radio Signal
  • Playground of Korea Radio Promotion Association
  • Exported an IED jammer to the Polish Police Agency
  • Supplied Drone Hunter XR to the Korean Ministry of National Defense
  • Export to Saudi Arabia, Drone Hunter X
  • Delivered EOD Jammer devices to S.W.A.T in Korea
  • Established 28GHz millimeter wave cell testing chamber to KIEES
  • Established EMP Protection Racks for government OOO 2nd project
  • Established RF Shielded room for GERI
  • Established 28GHz band (5G mmWave) chamber to RRA
  • Established DASY/OTA systems for 5G FR1
  • Installation service of EMP shielding rack for major financial institutions
  • Development of built-in-battery type anti-drone gun solution
  • Installation service of EMP protection rack/mobile shelter solution for government project
  • Establishment of 5G SAR certification evaluation system for SAMSUNG/LG electronics
  • Received an award certificate from the Minister of Science recognized for its contribution to the national EMP protection related business
  • Established Manufacturing Factory
  • Acquired license for fire protection construction (machinery)
  • Installed 10m and 3m EMC chambers and RF shielded rooms for Ntree and KES
  • Installed 5G OTA chambers for Samsung Electronics
  • Installed EMP protection racks for Korean government project
  • Installed RF shielded rooms for Telecommunication Technology Association
  • EMP protection facility construction service for government project
  • Acquired ISO 9001: 2008 quality control certification
  • Accumulated sales of DASY system reached over 100
  • Developed HVAC built-in EMP protection rack
  • Installed 3m EMC chambers and RF shielded rooms for KTR, BV Korea, and KES
  • Installed EMP protection facility for Korean military project
  • Registered as a software development company
  • Acquired license for mechanical equipment and electric construction business
  • Established EMC/EMP factory
  • Established R&D Institute
  • Acquired license for information and communication construction business
  • Renewed our registration as a military security company
  • Exclusive sales contract with MVG-EMC
  • Acquired SCALK IEC17025 SAS certification
  • Established SCALK, and began fast SAR calibration service in Asia and South America
  • Installed OTA chambers for Samsung Electronics in India, Brazil, China and Vietnam
  • Installed OTA chambers for Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, etc.
  • Began to provide fast SAR measurement solution to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics
  • Registered on SAM
  • Registered as a wireless communication device and broadcasting company
  • Began to provide 3D EM simulation solution to Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and ETRI
  • Exclusive Sales distributor contract with SPEAG
  • Founded Dymstec, Ltd.
  • Registered as a military security company