Dynamic Shielding, based on skilled electromagnetic wave-based technology, performs projects like EMC test chamber, RF Shield Rooms, Technical Consulting for all areas of EMP Protection Facilities, Design, Manufacturing & Installation, Construction, Follow-up, Integration of Test Equipment for Certification Test Purpose, etc. in a batch order-supply manner meeting international standards and also have the infrastructure that can successfully handle projects related to Information & Communication Technology, Mechanical Equipment, Retention of Electric Work Business License, etc.

We are being recognized in the domestic mobile, automotive, and RF markets for our differentiated electromagnetic shielding technology and excellent system integration capabilities.

We also develop/produce integrated Anti-Drone solution consisting of detection, identification and neutralization systems to detect and neutralize drones that are off-late being a threat to national security such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and terrorism, and we strive to contribute to strengthening our country’s social safety and security by supplying various portable, rifle, and vehicle-type jamming equipment suitable for defense & safeguarding purposes.

In the future, under the management philosophy that Customer development is Our development, Dynamic Shielding will continue to devote even more to continue to the early achievement of customers’ ultimate business goals and creation of added value.

Song Youngbae